What is Your Running Shoe Heel Drop?

Have you bought a pair of running shoes lately? I’m sure you’ve seen people on the road or trail with varying forms of footwear, including some that made me question whether it counted as “shoes”. You’ve seen the Vibram FiveFinger shoes right? Yeah. Those are a little out of my comfort zone. But that style […]

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How to Curb Your Chocolate Cravings

That deep dark rich chocolate gooey dessert is calling your name. You are officially having a chocolate craving. Believe it or not, chocolate is not my first go to for sweets. I’m more of a moist yellow cake with a bit of chocolate frosting kind of dessert girl. Changing the way we eat to get […]

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Weight loss struggles - think about why you started

Weight Loss Goals Are Only the Beginning

There seems to be this amazing attitude all over the internet when someone loses weight. Yes! Congratulations are in order! Big pats on the back for everything you/we/I have accomplished. The trouble is no one really talks about the fact that the struggle doesn’t end just because you reached that weight loss goal. For the […]

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Feel good food for fitness challenge - Heather Montgomery

Feel Good Foods That Won’t Kill Your Fitness Goals

Focusing on fitness goals can make enjoying  feel good foods a bit of a pickle. The favorite foods get shoved back on the shelves and passed over with a guilty glance and punching out the cravings. There are a few sacrifices when you are working on a major fitness or weight loss goal, but here’s […]

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Heather lost weight before and after

Weight Loss Story: How I Lost 75 Pounds – Part 2

Anyone looking for a fitness challenge only has to glance at my before and after photo to get it. The process of losing over 75 pounds takes time and getting started was just part of the story. The first part of my weight loss story starts with the true decision that I was ready to […]

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Weight Loss Story: How I Lost 75 Pounds – Part 1

Sometimes a major change in life takes perseverance, or just plain stubbornness. This time the major change resulted in losing over 75 pounds. January 1st 2011 – I was at an all time high. On the scale. There is never just one catalyzing event that makes you take action to change. You can call it […]

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